Here you find an overview of presentations I've done on seminars, workshops and conferences since 2005. 



Utrecht, September 2017, WINIR 2017

Amsterdam, June 2017, Basisopleiding Toezicht

Thessaloniki, June 2017, Keynote IFLRY Conference

Amsterdam, April 2017, Basisopleiding Toezicht

Amsterdam, Maart 2017, AFM meets scientists



Utrecht, June 2016, FIRES at Campusparty

Providence, April 2016, Seminar Brown University 



pdfUtrecht, December 2015, SFL Diversity and Sustainability

Brussels, November 2015, FIRES at DG-Research

Brussels, October 2015, FIRES at DG-Grow

Berlin, September 2015, Plenary Opening

Berlin, September 2015, Keynote FIRES

Utrecht, June 2015, Economics of Time

Utrecht, June 2015, Wounds to Wisdom Symposium

pdfUtrecht, March 2015, FIRES

Utrecht, March 2015, Economics of Entrepreneurship

pdfAmsterdam, February 2015, Young Democrats

Utrecht, February 2015, Workshop ECU92 Conference




Utrecht, November 2014, Seminar

pdfUtrecht, March 2014, Young Leaders League

pptChur, February 2014, IECER 2014



pdfThe Hague, November 2013, Presentation Report

pdfGhent, November 2013, Seminar

pptUtrecht, October 2013, Workshop

pptBarcelona, June 2013, GEM-conference

pptCharlotteville, May 2013, Darden and Judge Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference 

pdfStockholm, April 2013, Workshop

pdfUtrecht, April 2013, Workshop Institutions and Entrepreneurship


pdfMilan, September 2012, DEGIT-Conference

pdfAugsburg, August 2012, Workshop

pdfHouston, June 2012, North American Productivity Workshop

pdfMaastricht, May 2012, Maastricht School of Govenance Seminar, also see the seminar on YouTube here


pptSt-Petersburg, September 2011, DEGIT-Conference 


pptMaastricht, November 2010, RENT-Conference

pdfUtrecht, September 2010, DIME-Workshop

pptChicago, June 2010, Searle Entrepreneurship Symposium


pptBarcelona, August 2009, European Economic Association Annual Congres


pptUtrecht, December 2008, TKI-Seminar

pptCovilha, November 2008, RENT-Conference, with Zoltan Acs

pptCovilha, November 2008, RENT-Conference, with David Audretsch

pptMaastricht, October 2008, Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Development

pptUtrecht, October 2008, NAKE-research day

pptJena, September 2008, Max Planck Institute Seminar 

pptUtrecht, April 2008, TKI-Seminar

pptRegensburg, March 2008, IECER-Conference

pptLeiden, February 2008, Guest Lecture

pptNew Orleans, January 2008, American Economic Association, Discussant

pptNew Orleans, January 2008, American Economic Association, Discussant



pptUtrecht, November 2007, ECEI-Conference

pptBangalore, November 2007, Indian Institute of Technology 

pptLjubliana, September 2007, IECER-Conference

pptFairfax, April 2007, George Mason School of Public Policy Seminar 

pptFairfax, March 2007, George Mason School of Public Policy Seminar


pptAmsterdam, August 2006, EARIE-Conference

pptJerusalem, June 2006, DEGIT-Conference

pptBoston, May 2006, EALE-SOLE-Conference

pptJena, May 2006, Max Planck Institute Seminar

pptBangalore, March 2006, Indian Institute of Technology


pptJena, December 2005, Max Planck Institute Seminar

pptJena, November 2005, GruenderForum

pptAmsterdam, August 2005, European Economics Association Conference

pptIstanbul, May 2005, International Conference of the IT&FA

pptJena, March 2005, Workshop on Opportunity