DIAMOND will update, upgrade, and fully open six IAMs that are emblematic in scientific and policy processes, improving their sectoral and technological detail, spatiotemporal resolution, and geographic granularity. It will further enhance modelling capacity to assess the feasibility and desirability of Paris-compliant mitigation pathways, their interplay with adaptation, circular economy, and other SDGs, their distributional and equity effects, and their resilience to extremes, as well as robust risk management and investment strategies. This will be done via integration of tools and insights from psychology, finance research, behavioural and labour economics, operational research, and physical science. We will develop a transdisciplinary scientific approach to legitimise the implementation process and co-create research questions that stretch the frontiers of climate science, as well as establish vibrant communities of practice to transparently open model enhancements and to develop capacities, thereby lowering the entrance barriers to the established IAM community. DIAMOND responds to the Horizon call: CL5-2022-D1-02 and will run from December 2022-December 2026.





Urban environments are accelerating their transformation towards cleaner, friendlier places able to respect and use resources more efficiently. Across Europe, cities are blending social innovation, engineering and ICT excellence and smart technologies to help reach these goals. IRIS - Integrated and Replicable solutions for co-creation in Sustainable cities - is proud to be identified at the forefront of this change and announce itself as the newest addition to the European Commission Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) lighthouse projects. The project will run from October 2017 to October 2022.

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Financial and Institutional Reforms for the Entrepreneurial Society is a consortium of 9 partners with over 45 researchers formulating a reform strategy to make Europe more entrepreneurial in an effort to create innovative and inclusive growth. I am the scientific coordinator of this consortium that will run until June of 2018. See for all the details.  


Sustainable Finance Lab


Sustainable Finance Lab (SFL) is a Dutch think-tank initiated by Herman Wijffels (UU), Klaas van Egmond (UU) and Peter Blom (Triodos Bank) in 2010. Its mission is to develop ideas to make the financial sector more sustainable and help it contribute to a more sustainable future. SFL regularly organises public hearings, closed expert panels and stakeholder events. My role in this think-tank is to help develop the academic research program. 






PROSUITE is a European project in which a large interdisciplinary group of European scientists developed a tool to assess the sustainability of new technologies. My role in this project was to consult on the assessment of macroeconomic impacts.






CATO-2 is the Dutch national R&D program for CO2 capture, transport and storage in which a interdisciplinary consortium of nearly 40 scientists cooperated. My role in this project was to study the possibilities for mobilising private funds.